Learn From and Interact with the Best and the Brightest!

Multiple Great Leaders Share Actionable Information About Enhancing Your Life and Career as a Software Developer

A global virtual gathering of amazing software people

The Developer On Fire Remote Conference is your opportunity to have it all - without leaving the comfort of your own desk, you'll have the opportunity to connect with amazing software professionals.

Mind-Blowingly Awesome Speakers!

You've already heard these giants on Developer On Fire. They have now agreed, in principle, to be a part of the Developer On Fire conference. With details still not set in stone, the commitments from these outstanding speakers are not yet firm. Still, here is a sampling of the type of people you'll get to hear, see, and engage in meaningful interaction:

Jon Skeet

John Sonmez

Erik Dietrich

Linda Rising

Jessica Kerr

Pavneet Singh Saund

Ted Neward

Jonathan Stark

Andrea Goulet

David Neal


Jeremy Clark

Benefit from Interacting with World-Class Geeks...

Many show guests have emphasized the importance of conferences for their careers. Hearing about how developers have grown from the hallway conversations and getting to ask questions has been a recurring theme on Developer On Fire.

January 22-24, 2018

You'll get access to all the live interaction and video sessions during the event and access to everything on the site for at least a year following the event itself. Also, all media will be downloadable for you to have them as long as you desire.

You may hesitate to travel to far-away places and spending your time away from your family, but you don't want to miss out on the opportunity to get to know great people and to learn about your craft.

What You'll Learn

This is going to be a generally non-technical event. You'll learn about soft skills, philosophy applied to programming, enhancing your career, making the most of your precious time, and more.

That doesn't mean we'll shy away from the technical. The hallway conversation will take the form of chat interactions and video conferencing with the host, speakers, and other attendees. There will be many opportunities to share code, tools, and techniques.

Get clear on who you are and find career fulfillment.

Help for charting your career course.

Use soft skills to enhance your rewards.

Why Remote?

    • Cost.  Travel has huge expenses with which to concern yourself. Even for local conferences, a venue capable of hosting a large group of people effectively means the price of the conference must be high. Attending conferences is important to your learning and to getting access to wonderful people. Attending a remote conference instead of one on-location solves many of these problems.
    • Time shifting, time savings, and repetition. Watching sessions on your own schedule and at your own pace makes your experience your own. This customization gives you the liberty to craft the conference so that you benefit the most. Optimize your experience and watch the sessions when you want, where you want, and as many times as you want. To participate in the Question and Answer sessions and discussions, you'll need to be there in real-time, but you can consume them, including your own participation again and again.
    • Comfort. There's no place like home. You get to choose to experience this conference from the location of your choice. This means you get to make yourself comfortable while still getting to interact with greats. You are also free to interact with the people you choose and easily retreat to privacy when you need a break.
    •  Many Experts with different types of expertise. The Developer On Fire Remote Conference does not have the limitations of traditional conferences in only being able to access speakers who can travel to certain places or in certain timeframes. The liberty of the remote paradigm yields an opportunity for a broader and better set of speakers.
    • Unlimited Access.  Many Experts with different types of expertise. Even if you can't make it to the time of the conference or can only attend a limited portion, you still get access to the site after the conference so you can consume all the video and interaction on an ongoing basis.

About The Host

Dave Rael

Hi, I'm Dave. I'm the host of Developer On Fire. I am a father of 3 wonderful children, a husband, podcaster, software developer and architect, productivity source, and an advocate for humanity and understanding.

My mission is to make life better for people around the world, both in and outside software. I create great content to contribute to fulfilling this mission.

Join me in this conference so we can all learn and grow through the powerful collaboration of brilliant minds.

"But I don't have time for a conference."

What do you value? If you don't think you have time to learn from the masters of our field, what do you have time to do? This is an opportunity you don't want to miss and could enable a much better future and help you to get out of a situation where you feel like you don't have time.

The real question is: can you afford the time and career growth it will cost you to pass up on this opportunity?

Let's light this thing up!

Join your programming heroes

Helping Hands

In addition to serving first-world developers able to purchase tickets, there are other developers and/or aspiring developers in many parts of the world who could benefit from the remote conference, but can't afford to buy tickets themselves.  For this reason, Developer On Fire is providing 20 tickets free of charge.  If you would like to help in this effort to enable young and hungry developers to engage, you can do so by adding (a) charity ticket(s) to your purchase.

If you are in a different situation and would like to attend the conference but can't afford to buy a ticket, please submit your application to be considered for a complimentary ticket here.